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An invitation to visit the Czech Republic, which is verified by an Alien Police inspectorate, is a document proving the obligation of the inviting person to cover for the needs of the invited foreigner related to:
  • his/her subsistence for the period of their stay in the CR up to their departure,
  • his/her accommodation for the period of their stay in the CR up to their departure,
  • medical care for the period of their stay in the CR up to their departure, potentially including costs of transportation of the patient, or the deceased,
  • his/her stay in the CR up to their departure (this concerns costs incurred to the CR in relation to the stay and departure of an invited individual who is subjected to administrative expulsion).
In a short stay invitation, the inviting person may declare to cover all costs related to the stay of the invited individual or to cover costs related to accommodation only.
Invitation forms are available at those Alien Police inspectorates which verify such invitations. The Alien Police inspectorates will verify your invitation within 7 days after its acceptance. The inspectorates collect a CZK 300 fee stamp for each verification.
The Foreigner’s Act stipulates circumstances under which verification may be denied, such as should the foreigner invited be listed in the registry of unwanted persons, or should the inviting person fail to prove, upon request, his ability to meet obligations concerned (such as to cover all costs related to accommodation of the invited foreigner).
One form can be used to invite one person over age 15. Underage visitors may be added to such form. The fee remains unchanged.
Obligations of the person providing accommodation
For the purposes of the Foreigner’s Act, the person providing accommodation shall be understood as any person providing accommodation for a fee. For the purposes of the Foreigner’s Act, providing of accommodation shall be understood as a contractual relationship embedded in an agreement on accommodation, a rental agreement, an agreement to sublet, or by any agreement with similar content.
The person providing accommodation is obliged to:
  • keep an accommodation log stating the accommodated foreigner’s name and surname, day, month, and year of birth, citizenship, passport number, and the dates of accommodation. The Police may request to see the log for control, all entries must be made properly. The log must be written.
  • report to the relevant Alien Police inspectorate all accommodated foreigners no later than 3 days after having accommodated them.
To meet this obligation, the person providing accommodation:
  • submits an accommodation form, or
  • makes a report via e-mail
Steps to be made:
1. The person providing accommodation sends, to the e-mail address below, an e-mail message containing the following information:
   • for legal persons or entrepreneurs - the business identification number (e.g. IČ:0000004),
   • for physical persons – the birth registration number (e.g. RČ:9901010123),
   • name of the accommodation facility (e.g. Hotel Bílá růže, Ubytovna pracujících Zlín, Pension…),
   • address of the accommodation facility, including both street and site numbers, zip code, and county of registration,
   • under „Subject“ please enter “Start”,
   • a telephone number (recommended),
   • the e-mail address which will be used to meet the reporting obligation,
2. The person providing accommodation shall:
   • sign the electronic message with an electronic signature pursuant to Act No. 227/2000 Coll., on electronic signature, as amended, and
   • send it to: cisrscpp@mvcr.cz .
3. In reply, the person providing accommodation shall receive instructions and an identifier necessary for further communication with the authorities.
The person providing accommodation:
  • shall report, without any undue delay, death of an accommodated foreigner,
  • allow the Police to enter, upon request, the accommodation facility, should it be a place of business and should such entry be in compliance with the foreigner’s right for privacy or family life,
  • shall provide to the accommodated foreigner, upon request, a proof of accommodation stating his name, surname, street address, and dates of accommodation.

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