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Policie České republiky – Služba cizinecké policie


Reporting of the place of aliens' residence


     An alien is obliged, within 3 working days from the date of his/her entry into the Territory, to report his/her presence and the place of his/her residence in the Territory to the police – Residence Administration Unit of Alien Police Department within Regional Police Directorate having territorial competency according to the reported place of the alien's residence. This obligation does not apply to: an alien younger than 15 years of age; a member of staff of an embassy (consular staff) of a foreign country or a member of staff of an international governmental organization accredited in the Czech Republic and his/her family member who is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic; an alien whose accommodation is provided (secured) by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Further, the obligation to report the place of residence to the police does not apply to an alien who has fulfilled this obligation with the accommodation provider (that means - who has handed over the completed registration form to the accommodation provider).
     An EU citizen is obliged, within 30 days from his/her entry into the Territory, to report the place of his/her residence in the Territory to the police if his/her expected stay is to be longer than 30 days; this obligation also applies to an EU citizen's family member if that EU citizen is staying in the Territory. The obligation to report the place of residence to the police does not apply to an alien who has fulfilled this obligation with the accommodation provider.
     The reporting of the place of the alien's residence in the Territory does not give rise to any rights of the alien towards the dwelling or the owner of the realty which is registered as the place of the alien's residence.
     The alien shall fulfil the obligation to report the place of his/her residence in person by completing a registration form if he/she has not fulfilled this obligation with the accommodation provider. The registration form can be found in the annexe of this module. 
     If an alien fails to fulfil the obligation to report the place of his/her residence in the Territory, he/she commits an administrative offence. For this offence, a fine (a penalty) of up to 3 000,- CZK can be imposed.
Accommodation provider and his/her obligations
     An accommodation provider is considered to be anyone that provides accommodation in return for financial compensation or that provides accommodation to more than 5 aliens, except for the case where the relationship between the accommodated aliens and the accommodation provider can be regarded as being close.
     For the purposes of the Aliens Act, an accommodation is understood to be a contractual relationship based on a contract for accommodation, rental contract, sub-rental contract or any other contract with similar contents.
An accommodation provider is obliged to:
  • report, without delay, the death of an accommodated alien to the police;
  • provide the police with access to any areas where the alien might be found if these areas are used for business or other economic activities, provided that this access does not violate the alien's right of privacy or his/her family life;
  • notify the police of the fact that an alien has been provided with accommodation;
  • provide an alien with accommodation whose quality is not evidently disproportionate to the quality of accommodation provided by other accommodation providers in realties of similar purpose in the respective community, district or region. The comparison of accommodation quality is carried out in particular by assessing the adequacy of the number of accommodated persons with regard to secured sanitary conditions and the floor area of the room for accommodation which must measure at least:   
    a)   8 m2  in case of one accommodated person  
    b) 12,6 m2 in case of two accommodated persons; for each additional accommodated person, 5 m2 must be added to the floor area  
  • at the alien's request, provide him/her with a written confirmation that accommodation has been provided, including the accommodation provider's first name, surname, address as well as location and duration of the accommodation;
  • maintain a guest register and, if requested, present it to the police for inspection; in case of an inspection, the accommodation provider is obliged to present the guest register containing personal data of aliens accommodated at that time.  
 Guest Register
     A guest register is a document wherein an accommodation provider enters the name and surname of the alien who has been provided accommodation, his/her date of birth (day, month, year), country of citizenship, travel document number, and the starting and ending dates of the period for which accommodation is provided.
     For the purpose of inspections, an accommodation provider shall maintain the guest register in writing; a digitized format cannot be used for the purpose of inspections.  
     Entries in the guest register must be made in a clear and comprehensible manner. The entries must be arranged chronologically.
     The accommodation provider must retain the guest register for a period of 6 years as of the date of the last entry.
Notification of Provision of Accommodation
     An accommodation provider is obliged to notify the police of the fact that an alien has been provided with accommodation within 3 working days from the starting date of accommodation period.
     The obligation to provide notification of the provision of accommodation can be met by: presenting a completed registration form; or by means of technical data media and telecommunication transfer of this data in the scope maintained in the guest register. In the event that an accommodation provider is interested in this electronic way of notification, he/she can use the procedure published on the website of the Police of the Czech Republic under:

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