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Queries and requests / dissemination of information /

For questions regarding activities of the Police of the CR, please write to:
For questions regarding activities of the Police of the CR:
Police Presidium of the CR, Department of Prevention and Information: presspp@mvcr.cz
For questions regarding foreigners in the territory of the CR:
Ministry of the Interior of the CR: pobyty@mvcr.cz

For questions regarding regional activities of the Police of the CR: 
Regional Police Headquarters, Municipality of Prague: tiskpha@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Středočeský kraj: stctisk@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Jihočeský kraj: pisjc@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Plzeňský kraj: pisplz@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Karlovarský kraj: pcrorso@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Ústecký kraj: pisssvck@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Liberecký kraj: pislbc@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Královéhradecký kraj: tiskvck@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Pardubický kraj: tiskpa@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, kraj Vysočina: tiorpji@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Jihomoravský kraj: tiskjm@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Zlínský kraj: pcrzlin@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Olomoucký kraj: pisol@mvcr.cz
Regional Police Headquarters, Moravskoslezský kraj: pcrssmov@mvcr.cz

A formal request for information may also be filed. Respective conditions and details are stipulated by Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on free access to information.
A request for information may be submitted to any Police unit.
A request for information may be either written or oral. Your requests can also be made electronically. Should the Police fail to answer an oral request made or should the individual making such query feel that the information given was not sufficient, further queries should be made in writing only.
A request for information made by e-mail must be submitted via the Police electronic desk: epodatelna.policie@pcr.cz or via a certified electronic desk administered by the respective Regional Headquarters or the unit, should its address be listed. You can also make a request for information via any Police of the CR Data Box. There are no forms to submit a request for information on. It is necessary, however, to clearly stipulate whom the request is made to and that it is filed in keeping with Act No. 106/1999 Coll. Should your request for information fail to state the above and your mailing address or should an electronic request for information not be submitted as described above, it will not be considered a request for information in keeping with the above Act. Requests for information must be submitted in the Czech language.

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