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National Emergency Line 158


The national emergency line - 158 - is a free of charge emergency line operated by the Police of the CR.
The 158 line is a 24/7 public emergency line dedicated to calls reporting the following:
  • Information justifying immediate interventions in cases of direct threats to life, health, property, or public order,
  • Information related to:
    • crime,
    • search for missing and wanted persons,
    • search for stolen vehicles and other items,
    • accidents, explosions, and natural disasters,
    • traffic accidents, road blockages, towed vehicles.
The 158 emergency lines are operated by the Police of the CR Integrated Operational Centres in all regions. Following an emergency call, the Integrated Operational Centre will initiate immediate steps to solve the situation (e.g. deploy a patrol to the scene, if needed, send a medical emergency vehicle, inform the public on traffic matters, etc.). Integrated Operational Centres cooperate with the administrator of 112, the European Emergency Line.
In some cases, calls to the emergency line 112 may be of different nature, e.g. personal. The operators provide the caller in need with numbers of dedicated psychological assistance hotlines, such as the “line of trust”.
Any abuse of the 158 hotline will be considered an offence!!! Individuals making calls to report alleged facts and untrue information (e.g. explosives allegedly planted at public space) or those who verbally attack the Police of the CR over the phone commit a serious offence. Those who may repeatedly abuse emergency lines will have they telephone number blocked off.
Emergency telephone lines
158 Police of the CR
150 Fire Emergency Brigades of the CR
155 Medical Emergencies
156 Municipal Police
112 Integrated Emergency System

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