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International Cooperation – About Us and Contact Points

International Police Cooperation Directorate

  • International Relations Support Division
  • Operational Cooperation Division
  • Strategic Cooperation Division

Contact Points
Address: Münzbergerových 2811/8, 155 00 Praha 5 – Stodůlky
Secretariat: 974 804 400; 974 804 401
Permanent service: 974 834 210 - 24/7
service FAX: 974 834 723, 974 834 716 - FAX 24/7 service
E-mail for the police: rmps@pcr.cz, rmps.pripady@pcr.cz
E-mail for the public: pp.sekretpp@pcr.cz
Head of the Directorate - Col. Šárka Havránková

International Police Cooperation Directorate – About Us

The International Police Cooperation Directorate, as a part of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, is the central national contact point of the Police of the Czech Republic for international police cooperation.

Thanks to our help, all units and members of the Police of the Czech Republic can cooperate with their foreign partners in preventing, detecting and investigating crime or searching for persons and things.

We facilitate the exchange of information on 24/7 basis. Using the tools and networks as the National Central Bureau of the International Criminal Police Organization - Interpol, we are also linked to the most remote countries of the world.

We also support an effective fight against crime in the territory of the European Union by using the products and services of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation - Europol, including the exchange of information with the national units of other Member States.

We play an irreplaceable role in using the Schengen Information System. As the SIRENE National Bureau, we guarantee online sharing of information on persons and objects searched for within the Schengen area and ensure the performance of follow-up actions and measures.

At the same time, we are aware that effective operational international police cooperation must be accompanied by anticipating threats, trends and finding new solutions to combat crime. That is why we actively push for the development of cooperation between security forces. We do so in the managing and executive bodies of European and international police organizations. We are proud that in autumn of 2019, our Director Col. Šárka Havránková was elected as the Vice President of Interpol for Europe.

We further promote the needs of the Czech Republic in the context of European strategies during the meetings of committees and working groups of the Council of the EU and with the European Commission. For this reason, we also cooperate with other ministries and government agencies and perform an irreplaceable role on behalf of the Police of the Czech Republic a member of the EU Coordination Group of the Ministry of Interior. This role will become more important with the preparations for the Presidency of the EU Council in 2022. We develop close links with our neighbouring partners within the framework of regular bilateral meetings and the Visegrad Group or the Salzburg Forum.

We are actively committed to preventing the transfer of security threats arising from illegal migration to the Czech Republic. We are also involved in taking the necessary measures to ensure a functional and stable system of external border protection. Furthermore, we

coordinate the deployment of our police officers and technical equipment within the operational activities of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – Frontex. At the same time, we are striving to help stabilize the security situation in different countries through participation in civilian management missions of the European Union and the United Nations. We also deploy our experts liaison officers to enhance police cooperation with particular countries.

As a body responsible for international relations, we manage foreign travel of the leadership of the Police of the Czech Republic including the Police President and his deputies as well as receiving various foreign delegations of all levels.

Our main activities are:

1. Ensuring smooth cooperation between the units of the Police of the Czech Republic and foreign security forces.
2. Representing the Police of the Czech Republic in bilateral, regional, European and global international police cooperation platforms.
3. Managing diplomatic and other international relations of the Police of the Czech Republic.
4. Implementing deployments of members of the Police of the Czech Republic and respective technical equipment abroad.
5. Providing methodical support to the Regional Directorates of the Police of the Czech Republic and the units with nationwide competence in the field of international police cooperation.

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