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Review process

All contributions will first be reviewed by the editor-in-chief or a person authorized by him for suitability for the magazine. Subsequently, the editorial board decides which reviewer will be sent to the review, while sending a so-called “blind” manuscript without data identifying the author (name, affiliation, contact). At least one independent reviewer is appointed by the Editorial Board for each accepted article. The review proceeds anonymously by the so-called double-blind method, which means that the authors' identity is hidden from reviewers and vice versa. The elaborated report with possible comments are sent back to the author by e-mail through the journal's editorial office. The author will incorporate the comments and the reviewer will comment on their incorporation. Throughout the proceedings, the editorial board acts as an intermediary between the author and the reviewer in order to maintain the independence and impartiality of the whole process. Based on this review process, the Editorial Board decides on publication and inclusion in a specific issue. The editors do not assign an article from the author who comes from the same institution as the reviewer to review. Furthermore, contributions that could damage the reputation of the Police of the Czech Republic and the Drugs & Forensics Bulletin NPC will not be included. The editorial decision is final.

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