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PDP 2nd: „Modernisation of the Police Training Centre“

Subject administrator: The Police Education and Training Unit
Project director:  Col. JUDr. David FULKA, MBA
Project manager: Col. Mgr. Karel AGH
Planned completion of the project: March 31, 2023
Planned grant: 3 894 036 €, 99 297 918 CZK

Description of project (Objective): The project involves the construction of training and training facilities that will allow the emergence of new training programs that provide more effective crime prevention education with a focus on excluded localities, crime risk locations, the fight against crime (eg organized crime, terrorism).
Overall, the police education system will be streamlined, police powers will be strengthened in the area of crime prevention and security and human rights protection.
The aim of this project is to build a functional police training center that will provide the necessary conditions for the organization of training, organization of conferences including international, training of police officers, police instructors and instructors and which will be used by organizational articles of the police from all over the Czech Republic.

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