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PDP 1st: „Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime..."

Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime, strenthening communication skills with public and awareness of human rights
Subject administrator: The Police Education and Training Unit
Project director: Col. JUDr. David FULKA, MBA
Project manager: Col. Mgr. Karel AGH
Planned completion of the project: April 30, 2024
Planned grant: 1 255 454 €, 32 014 077 CZK


Description of project (Objective): The subject of the project is the training of police officers, specialists and lecturers of the target group and public administration employees in the area of combating crime, ensuring security and protecting human rights through training courses. A publication entitled “Respect for Human Rights in Conjunction with the Limitation of Individual Freedom by the Police of the Czech Republic” and a methodology / training module designed to train seniors to increase their media literacy will be created.

The project will enhance the current educational and training systém of the Czech Police by expanding it by three new training programmes related to area of human rights, crime prevention and improved effectiveness of the police systém. The project will support the strengthening and improving capabilities and skills of the Police and relevant public administration staff dealing with constantly changing security situation, growing aggressiveness, national and international crime. The project will také into account the previous cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Norwegian Radiation Authority on issues connected to CBRN.

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