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Norway grants 2009 - 2014

Presentation of the Programme CZ14 - Schengen Cooperation - Norway Grants 2009 – 2014 in the following areas: Schengen Cooperation and Combatting Cross-Borerd and Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Goups. 

The project: The expansion of a system of automated controls of electronic travel documents at international airports (e-gate and full page documents scanners)
Subject administrator: Alien Police Directorate of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic
Project director: Col. MIlan Majer
Project Leader: Petr Malovec
Planned completion of the project: 30. 4. 2017
Planned investment: € 2 300 000  (60 950 000 CZK)

Description of Project (Objective): project description (objective): The main project objective is a development of the new working methods, logistic measures and state-of-the-art technologies to straighten systematic entry/exit border checks of the persons.

Increase of the information about “e-passport” holder including number of biometric data is slowing down security checks of the travel documents. It is possibly to significantly simplify and speed up the process by modernization of an existing information and communication technology used at the airports with status of an international airport with external border. System allowing automatic self-service check will be installed at the Schengen airports.
The whole system consists from central system for the airport and “terminals” – eGates. The eGates consist from reading device – scanner, digital camera auto-aligning to the height of a passenger, LCD screen displaying necessary instructions and information and from two pairs of sliding gates. The first gate will automatically open after correct loading of the data from MRZ of an e-passport (Basic Access Control), the second will open automatically after successful comparison of the photo form chip of an e-passport with photo made by an eGate. After loading of the data from MRZ are the data checked in relevant police databases.
Taking into consideration above mentioned facts, one of the main tasks of the project is an acquisition of the technology called eGate or automatic gate or ABC (Automated Border Control) and acquisition of readers allowing to read whole page of the travel documents in the three light spectra with optical and electronic check. Automated system of checks at the external borders shall be also equipped by appropriate verification technology based on international standards, to ensure interoperability within EU.
January 5, 2015
Mgr. Pavlína Bulínová
publicity coordinator
press and prevention department
Police Presidium of the Czech Republic


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