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Prague Castle Guard and Czech Police Band is proud heir of Czech wind music tradition. The orchestra continues a long tradition of Czech military, but also police and gendarmerie bands since its establishment in 1945. These ensembles were always an integral part of Czech culture.

The primary duties of the orchestra include musical accompaniment of all state ceremonies at Prague Castle, primarily state visits and initial audiences of the foreign ambassadors. The orchestra is also a significant cultural representative of the Police of the Czech Republic and performs all tasks resulting from this position. Concerts and recording sessions as well as performances abroad are an integral part of the orchestra's schedule, with the aim to promote Czech musical tradition. Performances in the Vatican City in front of the Holy Father and a concert in Carnegie Hall, New York are the most prestigious of many concerts and performances the orchestra has given outside the Czech Republic.

The orchestra consists of 60+ professional musicians, many of which are also soloists or prolific chamber music players. This enables a number of chamber music ensembles of various genres to stem from the orchestra: Brass Quintet, Saxophone Quartet, Big Band and also a handful of pop groups. The diversity of those allows to widen the range of activities of the orchestra and to better serve its purpose.

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